Ranger Training

Supporting the Next Generation of Nature Custodians

Ever year from February to April, The Aigas Trust supports the Aigas Ranger Training Scheme (ARTS), a project which has now provided almost 250 natural science graduates with knowledge of natural history, archaeology, geology, cultural history, land use, mycology, botany (to name but a few topics covered) and the skills to pass this information on to others. Once training is completed, each ranger is employed by Aigas Field Centre for a season of work experience. Today, Aigas rangers hold jobs in most UK environmental organisations such as The Wildlife Trusts, Nature Scot, BTO, RSPB, The Vincent Wildlife Trust, The Woodland Trust and many more.

Since 2017, The Aigas Trust has sponsored three second year students from The University of Exeter to join the Aigas team and participate in ARTS in their placement year.

Helping young natural science graduates achieve their goals is an essential element of The Aigas Trust’s work.